Your Impact Account FAQs

While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of your total impact to date, because of the evolution of the program there may be some omissions. Rest assured that all impact purchased and awarded through our programs was tracked at the time and has been collected through our ecosystems whether we have been able to link it to your profile here or not.

Please read the following information to learn more and learn how you can correct your impact total if you think that there have been errors.

How did you calculate the number of bottles collected?

On the homepage of Changemaker we include all personal and promotional offset certificates sent to the email address used for your Plastic Bank profile since June 15, 2019.

Bottles are calculated at 50 bottles per kg offset. Learn more at our Blog

How did you calculate my Personal Impact to Date?

Your Personal Impact to Date is the total of all of your personal offset certificates since June 15, 2019 sent to the email address used for your Plastic Bank profile. This includes personal certificates you purchased, received as gifts sent to your email, or you received for taking actions at such as subscribing to the newsletter or other promotions.

How did you calculate my Supporter Impact to Date?

Your Supporter Impact to Date is the total of all of your business offset certificates purchased since June 15, 2019 sent to the email address used for your Plastic Bank profile. If multiple people have purchased your business certificates please use our Impact Correction Form and we will update the email addresses so they are visible in a single profile. We are working on the ability to have multiple users administer a single supporter account and it should be available in the second half of this year.

You can print your Supporter Impact to Date Certificate which uses the Company Name registered with your profile at

How did you calculate my total Impact to Date?

Your total Impact to Date is the total of all certificates since June 15, 2019 sent to the email address used for your Plastic Bank profile.

Why do you use my email address and not my purchase history?

Several reasons

  1. We have used multiple systems since we started selling certificates in 2018 so delivery details were our most complete record.
  2. Certificates can be received as gifts and we wanted to provide a way for gift recipients to start tracking their impact.
  3. Certificates are sometimes used for promotional purposes and we wanted to be able to include any impact you might earn without purchasing to be included in the total.
  4. Certificates can be purchased from multiple places and 3rd parties and they are all brought together here by linking to your email address. 

What if I have gotten certificates through multiple email addresses where?

We are working on this and you should be able to link them all together soon!

Why can I not download some of my certificates?

Certificates purchased before April 28th, 2021 and sent as PDF's are no longer available because the service we used only stored them for 6 months.

Why is the offset promise from physical items I purchased not included in my total?

Our system relies on Certificates. Impact associated with merchandise (shirts, bottles, etc.) is not shown on certificates and is tracked separately. If you have records of your purchase and would like to apply that impact to your total, please fill out our impact correction form.

I purchased Certificates as gifts and sent them directly to my family and friends. Why are these not part of my Impact to Date?

Thanks for doing that! Sending people offset certificates as gifts helps us engage new people and spread awareness about our work.

What if I purchased certificates for gifts and had them sent to my email address?

If you purchased certificates for others but had them sent to your email, they are included in your total. We hope to provide a way for you to pass these on in the future.

I received a printed certificate as a gift/award, how do i add that impact to my total?

If you received a printed certificate and it does not show up here, please fill out our impact correction form.

Some of the impact certificates I purchased were supposed to be for my business. How do i associate them with my other Supporter purchases?

Just fill out our impact correction form with your details and we can correct them.

How can I add impact purchased before June 15, 2019?

If you made purchases before June 15, 2019 you are one of a select group of earlier supporters of our mission and we would like to thank you for helping us turn our vision into reality.

I am a long time subscriber and my subscriptions don't show up. Why not?

We can only show and manage subscriptions setup since about February 2020. If you subscribed before then, your subscription is likely handled directly through our payment gateways PayPal or Stripe. We are investigating how we might be able to include these. Please feel free to reach out using the impact correction form.

Impact correction form

Reach out to us using this form to help us correct any problems you have with your impact

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